Web Curators

Harvey Greenberg started this website on a SPARC II server with 32 megabytes of RAM (bigdirt.geology.washington.edu) back in the days of the NCSA Mosaic browser. He is still in charge of general administration and the main data directory.

Amir Sheikh has returned to the scene of his triumph, and is responsible for the Puget Sound River History Project, the new mapservers, and whatever else gets thrown at him.

Diana Martinez of the Puget Sound Regional Council is responsible for most of the lidar data.

Charles Kiblinger has left the building. He built a large part of the web site, and we will miss him.

Mario Burrola is helping us set up our new GIS server.

Much of the Quaternary Research Center and Puget Sound River History Project websites are the work of former staff David Biggs and Isabelle Sarikhan.

Questions? Problems? Something Broken?

Questions about datasets, projects, and ArcSDE should be directed to Harvey Greenberg.

Questions about the website itself and ArcIMS should be directed to Amir Sheikh.