This page links to 10-meter digital elevation models. These are big data file. There are no maps (except index maps) or pictures here. If you do not have the software to import this data, look elsewhere.

Much of the US is represented by 10-meter DEMs.

All Hawaii 10-meter Data

Idaho 10-meter Data . . . Parts of western Idaho

See also U Idaho

Oregon 10-meter Data

Washington 10-meter Data

This page contains digital elevation models. Elevations are spaced on a 10-meter grid. This is public-domain data from the USGS. The data is in the UTM NAD27 projection. Data west of 120 degrees is in zone 10; eastern data is in zone 11. Most of the data is in vertical units of integer decimeters, though your software may import it as floating-point meters. (Some of southwest Washington has vertical units of feet.) These are large data files in the pre-SDTS standard USGS format.

Data by quad (complete as of December 4, 2001)

A majority have drainage enforcement.
For those users who have been building complete copies of the Washington DEMs on this site, my recent aquisitions can be accessed in batches. Most users will prefer to get the individually indexed DEMs or the mosaicked data. Complete Eastern Washington grid is available as a 874,093,587-byte zip file containing an arcinfo workspace. Data is is integer decimeters. Note that the Waterville and Douglas quads were erroneously published in UTM zone 11, even though they lie just west of 120. It is better to leave them in zone 11 than to try to reproject them.

Here is a 37-minute-wide strip of zone11 elevations reprojected into zone 10 so that is can be spliced with the zone10 DEM. Note: 1) If you try to merge this with the entire zone10 DEM, you will exceed the 2-gig file limit and your computer will melt. 2) This unzips to the grid directory, so use tricks to import it. This Nov 16 version has been fixed so that it will merge with elv10 with no gaps.

The mosaicked zone-10 data is an even bigger 1,344,739,006-byte zipped arcinfo workspace Note the the two missing quads showed up in zone 11.

12 chunks of zone 10 as bil files UPDATED December 2001

Puget Sound basin 10-m DEM in mm(caution: unzip in empty directory) for the other Josh.

Improved DEM for the Skagit Delta and vicinity.

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