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New hardware December 19, 2012! We hope we do not havemore broken links than before.

This site is maintained in a semi-private lab in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington in Seattle. The address duff.geology.washington.edu reflects the old department name. Now that the Department of Geological Sciences has merged with Geophysics, to form Earth and Space Sciences, "geology" is replaced by "ess". The machine named "duff" was retired long ago, and is aliased to "gis". We call ourselves gis.ess.washington.edu, though we also answer to rocky.ess.washington.edu. As of 2010, "geology.washington.edu" is no longer recognized, so the address must include "ess" instead. We have a second server named rocky2, and you may find yourself directed there. These machines are also virtual servers for riverhistory.ess.washington.edu and for the Keck Remote Sensing Lab. We also maintain the server (and a bit of the content) for the Puget Sound LiDAR Consortium. This site is mostly the [part-time] work of the web curator, who frequently lapses into the first person. I have been maintaining web servers and content since about 1993--I forget exactly when, but it was in the days before anyone had heard of netscape. In that time, I have fallen far behind the times. I recently upgraded my website editor form vi to vim, though I am most proud of unix shell commands with 10-component pipes that automatically produce html. They include ls2html, which builds an index.html on any directory.

As a staff member working for one professor (Dave Montgomery), my primary mission is to publicize and share the work of Dave and his grad students. This task is proceeding very slowly, as everyone is busy with other tasks.
A second goal is the build web links to anything interesting that I happen to have on my disk. This includes gigs of digital elevation and orthophoto data and various documents of various ages.
I am also charged with the promotion of GIS, particularly within the department, and try to provide materials for people who want to get started. I also aid with the distribution of GIS software on campus.

This site is up most of the time, but I may interrupt operations at any time with absolutely no warning. If you find the server down for more than an hour, feel free to ask me if I know what's up.

Small pieces of this site are maintained by grad students.

I resolve (again) to frequently check my error log and fix broken links. [Note: I have not done it.] Robots are excluded from the document and software distribution directories.

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Web Curator: Harvey Greenberg